Tour to Omo Valley with Omo National Park

Tour Overview

The under list packages focuses on a tribal adventure travel trip, overland into the depths of the Rift Valley, visiting amazing rift valley lakes, witnessing the wildlife and meeting the local tribal people. A word of warning is necessary here. This is definitely an adventure holiday and you must be aware of that we will take you through regions with rundown infrastructure and few western facilities. Roads can be absolutely appalling and you should be prepared to forgo your home comforts. But the rewards of this kind of overland expedition are immense.

We will travel into one of the most unchanged tribal regions in Africa and meet peoples who lifestyles have changed very little in the last two hundred years. At Konso we will explore the Konso tribal culture and villages before heading deep into tribal southern Ethiopia towards the Omo Valley. This is very remote, seldom visited regions, which are home to the Hamer, Mursi, Surma, Bodi, Karo, Nyangatom, Dasenech, Benna, Tsemai, Erbore and more tribal people. The bull jumping of the Hamer people, the stick fight of the Surma tribe and other interesting tribal ceremonies and vibrant tribal market can be visited. Traveling overland allows you to explore regions like this.

Tour Itinerary

Tour code: OLETo 502

Duration: 22 Days and 21 nights

Means of Transport: All the way Surface

Day 1: Arrival at Addis Ababa Bole International airport. Overnight Hotel

Day 2: Head to Wonchi and visit the scenic Crater Lake. Overnight Hotel

Day 3: Head to Jimma passing through Gibe river valley. Overnight Hotel

Day 4: Depart to Tepi admiring the scenic landscape. Overnight Camping

Day 5: Full day discover the Zilmamo and Tishena tribes. Overnight Hotel

Day 6: After breakfast commence hiking toward Maji. Overnight Camping

Day 7: In the morning resume hiking towards Adikas. Overnight Camping

Day 8: Head to Kibish exploring Surma tribal villages. Overnight Camping

Day 9: Spend the day exploring Surma tribal villages. Overnight Camping

Day 10: Expedition towards the Omo National reserve. Overnight Camping

Day 11: Spend the day exploring Omo National Park. Overnight Camping

Day 12: Cross Omo meet the car then head to Murulle.Overnight Camping

Day 13: Visit the Karo plus Nyangatom tribal villages. Overnight Camping

Day 14: Daytrip to Mago Park for Mursi tribal villages. Overnight Camping

Day 15: Journey to Turmi settlement for Hamer tribe. Overnight Camping

Day 16: Drive to Omorate for Dasenech tribal village. Overnight Camping

Day 17: Likely visit market and ceremonies in Turmi. Overnight Camping

Day 18: Head to Arbaminch with a stop at Konso village. Overnight Hotel

Day 19: Visit Netchsar National reserve and Lake Chamo. Overnight Hotel

Day 20: Drive to Awassa; visiting the Dorze tribal village. Overnight Hotel

Day 21: Time to visit Abiyata – Shalla lakes national Park. Overnight Hotel

Day 22: Drive back to Addis Ababa; and in the evening departure to home.

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