Tour to Meskel Festival Celebration in Addis Ababa

Tour Overview

This package is designed to show you the colorful festival of Meskel, “The Find of The True Cross”; in Addis Ababa celebrate to commemorate the discovery of the true cross upon, which Jesus was crucified, by the Empress Helena, the mother of Constantine the Great, which has been celebrated in the country for over 1,600 years. In Addis Ababa celebrations start in the early afternoon, when a huge procession bearing flaming torches approaches Meskel Square from various directions. The marchers include priests in their brightly hued vestments, students, brass bands, contingents of the armed forces, and bedecked floats carrying huge lit crosses. They circle the Demera and fling their torches upon it, while singing a special Meskel song. Thousands gather at the square to join in and welcome the season of flowers and golden sunshine called Tseday. As evening darkens, the flames glow brighter. It is not until dawn that the burning pyramid consumes itself and the big tree at the centre finally falls. During the celebrations, each house is stocked with tella, the local beer, and strangers are made welcome. The tour also includes a visit of Ethiopia historical sites, the tour called the classic historic route of Ethiopia, which encompasses the history of Ethiopia from its early beginnings to modern day. A history that stretches back to the time of prehistoric man; to the 3,000 year old history of Axum; the 12th and 13th century churches of Lalibela, and the medieval castles of Gondar and the island churches and monasteries of Lake Tana . . . and more.

Tour Itinerary

Tour code: OLET 6017

Duration: 10 Days and 9 nights

Means of Transport: air and Surface

Day 1: December 24: Arrival at Addis Ababa. Overnight Hotel

Day 2: December 25: Sightsee of the capital. Overnight Hotel

Day 3: December 26: Full day in Addis Ababa. Overnight Hotel

Day 4: December 27: Flight north to Bahir Dar. Overnight Hotel

Day 5: December 28: Journey north to Gonder. Overnight Hotel

Day 6: December 29: Daytrip to Simien Massif. Overnight Hotel

Day 7: December 30: Morning fly toward Axum. Overnight Hotel

Day 8: October 01: Morning fly towards Lalibela. Overnight Hotel

Day 9: October 02: Stay in and around Lalibela. Overnight Hotel

Day 10: October 03: Flight back to Addis Ababa; then departure.

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