Tour to Melka – Kunture, Tiya and Addadi Mariam

Tour Overview

52km south of Addis Ababa is located an archeological site of Melka Kunture. Stone Age tools aging 1.7 million years and remains of Homo Erectus 600,000 years old which the earliest humans left behind are excavated in Melka Kunture. Fossilized bones of Hippo, Rhino, Elephant and different Antelopes have been unearthed here.


Where 36 prehistoric monoliths or stelaes are found at Tiya, 80km from the capital, 30 of them are decorated with carving. This historically significant place dates back to 12th to 15th century AD. UNESCO registers the site as a world site.


This church is believed to have been constructed by King Lalibela. Actually the church is differs from that of Lalibela’s in Lasta. This one is round in its shape, it is unfinished, and probably the rock from which it is curved is also too soft. This Rock Hewn church has step descending to the main entrances. There are numbers of gates, window and a trench around the church, which serves as a drainage.

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Tour code: OLET 204

Duration: one DAY

Means of Transport: All the way Surface


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