Tour to lakes of Langano, Abyata, Shalla, Wendo-genet and Hawassa

Tour Overview

After spent your time in Langano, Abiata and Shalla, you can also drive to Wendo Genet and Hawassa. In Wendo Genet you can enjoy with the open-air shower and swimming pool, the natural hot spring, visit the tribal village of the Sidama people, and one can also walk through the juniper forest in searching of hot springs, which has curative property and the locals boil egg, potatoes, corn and more, forest birds and the beautiful colobus monkey, then it’s possible to drive to Awassa to see the smallest and the shallowest rift valley lake of Awassa, some aquatic birds, the traditional fish market and some hippos in Lake Awassa.

Tour Itinerary

Tour code: OLET 203

Duration: four Days AND THREE nights

Means of Transport: All the way Surface


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