Tour to Historic Route and Omo Valley

Tour Overview

Ethiopia has old, fascinating history, and is home to many diverse colorful cultures. In the northern part of this tour you will experience ancient monasteries, Castles, rock – hewn churches, Stelae and Ethiopia’s magnificent natural beauty. The second part of the program is a cultural tour for visiting the people in the Southern Omo Valley. This overland adventure takes you on a cultural rich, exploring some of the most remote areas of Ethiopia where some of the most colorful and beautiful tribes of the world reside. The Dorze with their magnificent beehive shaped hut, the Konso over their terraced fertile land, the Tsemai, Arbore, Benna and Ari over their extensive territory, the Mursi, with their decorative lip plates, the Hamer with their wonderful hair decorations, the Borena with their endless cattle and several other interesting tribes can be seen on this trip.

Tour Itinerary

Tour code: OLET 4001

Duration: 19 Days and 18 nights

Means of Transport: by air and surface

Day 1: Arrive at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. Overnight Hotel

Day 2: Fly to Bahir Dar; visit the island monasteries. Overnight Hotel

Day 3: Head north to Gonder; afternoon visit castles. Overnight Hotel

Day 4: Fly to Axum; and visit the attractions of Axum. Overnight Hotel

Day 5: Fly to Lalibela; visit the first group of churches. Overnight Hotel

Day 6: Visit Yimrehanne Christos and second cluster. Overnight Hotel

Day 7: Fly to Addis Ababa and then drive to Hosanna. Overnight Hotel

Day 8: Journey to Arbaminch visiting the Dorze tribe. Overnight Hotel

Day 9: Visit Netchsar national park plus Lake Chamo. Overnight Hotel

Day 10: Trip to Turmi country for Hamer tribal group. Overnight Hotel

Day 11: Visit the Karo and Nyangatom tribal villages. Overnight Hotel

Day 12: Pleasure trip to the Dasenech tribal village. Overnight Hotel

Day 13: Head to Jinka via Key Afer and Dimeka town. Overnight Hotel

Day 14: Discover the Mursi and Bodi tribal villages.  Overnight Hotel

Day 15: After breakfast drive to Konso tribal village. Overnight Hotel

Day 16: Enter into Borenna territory; and visit El Sod. Overnight Hotel

Day 17: Head to Yirgalem via the scenic Sidamo plain. Overnight Hotel

Day 18: Back to Addis Ababa; via the rift valley region. Overnight Hotel

Day 19: Time for shopping; and in the evening departure back to home.

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