Tour to Debre Libanos Monastery and Portuguese Bridge

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After 105 km on the way to historic route, there is a 13th century religious center, the church and monastery of Debre Libanos. Ethiopian saint, Abune Tekle Haymanot, established it. The church with its magnificent murals it is surrounded by stunning and overwhelming scenery. On the opposite side of the main road there is also a Portuguese bridge built in the 16th century. It is much similar to that of the Portuguese bridge in Tiss – Abay. Here one can also see the troop of Gelada Baboons an endemic species, the famous bone breaker bird; Lammergeyer, Jemma River valley and its gorge, the tributary of the Nile River.

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Tour code: OLET 200

Duration: One Day

Means of Transport: All the way Surface

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