Tour Bale Mountains and Rift Valley Lakes

Tour Overview

The journey through the rift valley portion of Ethiopia is a much a “pilgrimage” to the naturalist as a trip to the north to historian. Beautiful scenery, a chain of sparkling lakes, abundant bird and wildlife, and a kaleidoscope of colorful cultures all combine to make this part of the country unique. Of course, it is the topography of the remarkable Great Rift Valley itself that adds much to the appeal of this region. Funned between two dramatic escarpments, presentation of the last great massive movement of the earth is home to a marvelous string of lakes that stretch from Ethiopia south to Kenya, Tanzania and beyond. Interestingly each Ethiopia lakes have their own character, even those lie alongside.

This part of the country is also home to many diverse ethnic groups and cultures: such as the Dorze famed for their beehive hut and weaving of cotton cloth; the Konso, who for centuries have practiced land terracing and intensive agriculture in their steep land. Along the Omo River, the Karo well known for their elaborate body painting, the Geleb, Nyangatom, Hamer, Mursi famous for their lip plate wear by their women, Kwegu, Bodi and others live a life that is still principally nomadic or pastoral with some hunting, gatherers and fishing. Unaffected by the ways of the modern world, so near and yet so far from them, these ethnic groups remain as remote and unchanged as the land in which they live.

The Bale Mountains is an area of high altitude plateau that is broken by numerous dramatic volcanic plugs and peaks, beautiful alpine lakes, and rushing mountain streams that descends into deep rocky gorges on their way to the lowlands below. As one ascends into the mountains, will experience changes in the vegetation with altitude from juniper forests to heather moorlands and alpine meadows which at various times of the year exhibit an abundance of colorful wild flowers. The national park is the largest area of Afro alpine habitat in the whole of Africa giving unlimited opportunities for some fantastic mountain walks, horse trekking and scenic driving with a chance to view many of Ethiopia’s endemic mammals, birds and vegetation.

Tour Itinerary

Tour code: OLET 802

Duration: 10 Days and 9 nights

Means of Transport: All the way Surface

Day 1: Arrival at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. Overnight Hotel

Day 2: Journey to the rift valley lakes area and do visit. Overnight Hotel

Day 3: Head to Wendo Genet; and trek around the area. Overnight Hotel

Day 4: Journey to Hawassa and visit different water bird. Overnight Hotel

Day 5: Drive to Dinsho Bale Mountains headquarters. Overnight Camping

Day 6: Visit endemic birds and mammals around Dinsho. Overnight Hotel

Day 7: Visit Sanetti, Tulludeemtu and Harenna woodland. Overnight Hotel

Day 8: Daytrip to Sof Omar extensive underground cave. Overnight Hotel

Day 9: Leave Goba and drive to Sodore Resort via Asela. Overnight Hotel

Day 10: Drive back to Addis Ababa; and evening departure back to home.

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