Mountain Nyala

mountain_nyala Ethiopia’s one fully endemic antelope species is the Mountain Nyala (Tragelaphus Buxtoni). The mountain Nyala is similar in size and shape to the Greater Kudu but it has smaller horns with only one twist as opposed to the greater Kudu’s two or three. The shaggy coat of the Mountain Nyala is brownish rather than plain grey, and the striping is indistinct. This elegant and handsome antelope live in herds of five to ten animals in juniper and hagenia forests in the southeast highland.

The Mountain Nyala has the distinction of being the last discovered of all African antelopes, the first documented specimen was shout by one Major Buxton in 1908 and described formally two years later. The main protected population is found in the northern part of Bale Mountains National Park, around Dinsho, the Bale Mountains National Park headquarters and Mount Gaysay.

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