Lake Shalla

Lake Shalla 1

Lake Shalla lies in Ethiopia south of Addis Ababa, in the Abijata – Shalla National Park, this lake measure 28 kilometers long and 12 kilometers wide, with a surface area of 409 square kilometers, with a maximum depth of 250 meters, this makes it the deepest lake in Ethiopia and in Africa north of the equator and has an elevation of 1,567 meters.

Known for the sulphur springs on the lake bed; its islands are inhabited by Great White Pelicans, one being known as Pelican Island. Lake Shalla is surrounded by hot springs filled with boiling water, and the earth surrounding the lake is filled with cracks due to erosion and earthquakes. Due to steam rising from the boiling water in the springs, the atmosphere around the lake is relatively foggy. At the southern end of the lake, there are various species of flamingoes and birds that frequent the lake.

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