Lake Abaya

lake abaya

Lake Abaya is a lake found in the Southern Nations Nationalities and peoples region of Ethiopia, it was named Lake Margherita by the Italian explorer Vittorio Bottego, the first European to visit the lake, to honor the wife of king Umberto I of Italy, Queen Margherita. This name appears in older publications, and currently is rarely used.

Lake Abaya is located in the Great Rift Valley, east of the Guge Mountains, the home for the Dorze tribe. It is fed on its northern shore by the Bilate River, which rises on the southern slopes of Mount Guge. The town of Arba Minch lies on its southwestern shore, and the southern shores are part of the Nechisar National Park. Lake Abaya is 60 kilometers long and 20 wide, with a surface area of 1160 square kilometers. It has a maximum depth of 13 meters and is at an elevation of 1268 meters and this make it the largest rift valley lake. There are a number of islands in this lake, the largest being Aruro; others include Gidicho, Welege, Galmaka and Alkali. The lake is red due to a high load of suspended sediments. Lake Abaya does not always have an outflow, but in some years it overflows into Lake Chamo.

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