hararEthiopia’s historic route does not end at Addis Ababa, it continue some 535 km to the east of the capital, perched at the end of a spur projecting from the central plateau, to the old romantic walled city of Harar stands amid green mountains Harar, the holy Muslim city with its 99 mosques, regarded as the fourth holiest city after Jerusalem, Mecca and Medina, has been one of the major centers of trade and Islamic learning in the horn of Africa and also famous for its ancient buildings, great city walls, the 19th century French Poet Rimbaud’s house; who lived and treaded in the city and the Hyena man performance every evening outside the gates, while he feed the hyenas by using his mouth. Through centuries of its existence, the city has developed high quality craft industry such as basketry, colorful woven cloths, silver wear and ancient books binding . . . and others.

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