GOLDEN BACKED WOODPECKER (Dendropicos abyssinicus) Wing 89 – 99 mm

The Golden Backed Woodpecker is a very uncommon, not often seen endemic of the Ethiopian highlands from about 1,500 – 2,400 meters although it has been seen up to approximately 3,200 meters (10,500 feet). It lives in western and southeastern highlands in forests, woodlands and savannas and seems to be more uncommon in the northern than in the southern parts of the country. It has been reported to haunt especially candelabra euphorbia, junipers and figs. The male Golden Backed Woodpecker has a green unbarred back and bright red crown, nape, rump and upper tall coverts. The crown and nape of the female are ash brown, not bright red. The woodpecker has been reported to breed from February – May and possibly in December. No information, however, is available on its nest, nesting habits, numbers or food. Very little is known about this species.



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