Gambela National Park


Gambela National Park is a proposed National Park and located in the western part of Ethiopia close to the Sudanese boarder in the Gambela Region, its 5061 square kilometers of territory is encroached upon by cotton plantations and refugee camps. The Gambela National Park was established primarily to protect two species of endangered wetland antelopes: the White eared Kob and the Nile Lechwe. Other wildlife reported as living here include populations of elephant, African Buffalo, lion, roan antelope, Tiang, Lelwel Hartebeest, Olive Baboon, and Gureza Monkey. Several birds also found in this area include the shoebill stork, the Long Tailed Paradise Whydah and the Red throated and Green Bee Eaters. Other equally important Sanctuaries to be visited are the Senkele Swayne’s Hartebeest Sanctuary, Kunni Muktar Mountain Nyala Sanctuary, Babile Elephant Sanctuary and Yabello Abyssinian Bush Crow (endemic bird species) Sanctuary is very interesting for visitors.

There are “69 species of mammal, 327 species of birds, 7 species of reptile, 493 species of plants and 92 species of fish”. Planning for the conservation and management of wildlife in Gambela Park was focused on protecting three endangered species: the African elephant, Nile lechwe and shoebill stork.Among the mammal species reported to be living here are the Cape buffalo, Masai lion, leopard, Sudan cheetah, Nubian giraffe, roan antelope, tiang, Lelwel hartebeest, olive baboon, and guereza monkey, as well as hyena, buffalo, sable antelope, hippopotamus, Kafue lechwe, zebra, greater kudu, bushbuck, oribi, reedbuck and waterbuck. The peak of the annual antelope migration occurs from January to March. Several birds only found in this area include the long-tailed paradise whydah and the red-throated and green bee-eaters.

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