bodiBodi are pastoralists living close the Omo River in southwestern Ethiopia. The Bodi are of Nilo-sahran stock and pastoral background. Although they do cultivate sorghum along the banks of the Omo River, their culture is very much cattle centered. Similar to the Mursi, livestock plays an important role I marriage, divination, and name -giving rituals. The Bodi classification of cattle is complex, with over eight words to denote different colors and patterns. Bodi dress is simple. The women wear goatskins tied at the waist and shoulder, while men fasten a strip of cotton or bark-cloth around their waist.

The tribe where big is definitely beautiful: Ethiopian men compete to be the fattest in the village by drinking a gruesome mixture of blood and milk while living in isolation for SIX months.

  • Men from the Bodi tribe compete to become the fattest during the new year or Ka’el ceremony
  • They spend six months guzzling a mixture of blood and milk in a bid to fatten up as fast as they can
  • The winning fat man doesn’t get a prize but is feted as a hero for life by the rest of the tribe
  • Bodi want to retain their traditions but they are threatened by government resettlement plans
    BLOOD AND GUTS Ethiopian tribe hosts annual ‘fat man’ contest where locals gorge nothing but cow’s milk and blood for MONTHS to gain weight.

    The competitors spend six months preparing for the big day with strict rules surrounding the event.

    For half a year the men feed themselves solely on fresh milk and cow’s blood to fatten themselves up for the big day.

    During this time they are not allowed to leave their huts or have sex, but they are waited on hand and foot.


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